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A Bittersweet Goodbye to my Art Journal

I finished another art journal today, and things feel a little bittersweet. Of course, I celebrate my creativity. I’m glad I took the time to nurture and grow my art practice nearly every day. I look at the pages I love, the ones that are just OK, as well as the “ugly pages” and the ones where I made “mistakes.”

My art journals are a form of memory keeping. I can look at certain spreads and I can remember where I was on that day, what I was feeling, what I was doing, and how it all got expressed in my journal.


This particular journal, created over a period of six months (from January to June) is hard to let go. I woke up this morning thinking, “Maybe I’ll add flaps! Maybe I’ll make tip-ins and pockets!”  But it seems that would be delaying the inevitable.

It’s time to say goodbye. (Sigh.)

It’s time to start a new journal. Maybe I’ll commit myself to finishing the journals that I’ve started, the ones that are half-done, mostly done, or just need some kind of resolution. I might decide to put certain journals on hold right now. I might decide to let certain journals go entirely.

Right now, I’m looking at my pile of brand new, shiny journals that are waiting for me. How will I know which ones to pick? Here’s what I have to choose from:


·      Mini journal

·      Handmade journal (I’ve already put some backgrounds down)

·      Square format journal-otherwise known as my “Mostly Body Parts” journal

·      Envelope journal (a gift from a friend)

·      Soft cover Strathmore mixed media journal—my “go-to” journal (7.75 x 9.75)

·      Smaller size Strathmore mixed media journal (5.5 x 8)

·      Moleskine accordion journal

I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

Feature 2

Coming soon!

Feature 3

Stay tuned!