About Lynda Bassett

Lynda Bassett is an artist, writer and editor who is led by her intuition to discover the inner self and the world around her. Much of her work explores themes of memories and emotions. She is drawn to warm, earthy tones (and people!) and loves to play with acrylic paint, collage, pens, and paper. Lynda is the Editor of Brush Magazine, and was one of the featured artists on the Get Messy Art Journal blog. Her most recent group art exhibit, “Kaleidoscope Collaborative” was held in Boston, Massachusetts, where she lives. Connect with her on Instagram at: @lynda1655.

Lynda is also an experienced copywriter. She’s written everything from website copy to newsletters, brochures, speeches, scripts, and even fiction. She has the uncanny ability to communicate brand voice, tone, and messaging.